What Prescription Drugs Are Available For Insomnia?

In past times when healing for anxiety assails, such as insomnia, therapies along with other methods, were not effective. At this position drugs may possibly help to recover anxiety or insomnia symptoms. Most of the drugs are prescript especially till anticipation of anxiety attack is controlled. On the other hand, it also happens some times as more than a single medicine is prescribed to decrease rigorous symptoms along with acquiring an better control over insomnia, however while taking psychiatric drugs, taking together any other drug has its side effects.

Insomnia medications are given as per the patient’s ability to put up with it over an extensive duration and patient’s ability to take care of the symptom. Antidepressant medicines are usually prescribed for insomnia in addition to that it can be taken unaided or sometimes with other drugs as well to prevent the symptoms. Some of the common anti depressants given to a patient of insomnia include:

* Effexor -A drug usually us ed to be prescribed by doctors earlier, very few doctors recommend it these days due to its side effects

  1. Weakness
  2. Some sexual malfunctioning
  3. Nausea
  4. Anorexia
  5. Dry mouth
  6. Vision problems
  7. Sweating
  8. Constipation

Doses are suggested at 75-225mg two times a day with adequate food intake.

* Nardil – Another common drug with side effects including

  1. Wooziness,
  2. Constipation
  3. Lethargies
  4. Headaches
  5. Low BP when waking up
  6. Liver conditions
  7. Troubles while sleeping
  8. Digestive problems

Doses are recommended 15-90mg/day. Some drugs as well as foods are must to avoid at the time of taking Nardil as well as for 2 weeks later than completing the treatment.

* Moclobomide – A safe drug having no side effects on mostly people. But it is merely functional for very soft anxiety attacks, the recommended doses are normally 10-150mg/day taken as prescribed by doctor vary from person to person.

* Bupropion – A drug having reduced side effects including

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Agitation
  3. Vomiting
  4. Shivering
  5. Constipation

Doses normally start at 150mg/day taken 3 times a day. It has certain drug- drug interaction.

* Sertraline – Has certain side effects including

  1. Laziness
  2. Drowsiness
  3. Sexual Problems

Doses are recommended 25-200mg daily. But certain are to be avoided during its intake and after 2 weeks finishing the treatment, medicines include cimetidine, warfarin also monoamine oxides inhibitors.

* Citalopram – Side effects of this drug includes

  1. Increased or even Decrease in energy feeling
  2. Sedation
  3. Apathy
  4. Sexual problems

Doses are in the main 20-40mg per dose and to take accordingly prescribed by doctor. It has drug-drug interaction so some drugs are to be avoided during its use and for 3 weeks after its course.

Medicines used to be in command of insomnia vary greatly as per its type, side effects, dosage as well as drug-drug interaction. Nevertheless, it is also important not to self-administer recommended drugs with no approval as well as guidance of a certified doctor, as to unite these with some other drugs.

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