Treating Insomnia – Putting Natural Sleep Aids to Work For You

Over 60 million people in the US are faced with the problem of insomnia every year. Insomnia can lead to sleep deprivation, depression, and the worsening of a host of illnesses. Using natural sleep aids can help you overcome your sleepless nights.

Natural substances

Melatonin is a hormone that is normally found in the body. Its purpose is to regulate the time of sleeping and waking. When that cycle is broken for any reason, melatonin can be taken before bedtime to reset the body’s clock. It can be found in pill form in pharmacies, supermarkets, or health food stores with the natural sleep aids.

Valerian is another one of the natural sleep aids that is readily available for purchase. While valerian seems to work very well for some people, it does not work at all for others. No one really knows why; or how it works. It is also taken before bedtime.

Among the natural sleep aids, kava is one of the most controversial. It is an herb that has anti-anxiety properties. This h elps if you are full of anxiety when you are trying to get to sleep. However, there have been some problems with liver injury for certain people when they take kava.


Lavender is a very popular scent used to help people get to sleep. It is one of those natural sleep aids that can be used in many different ways. Essential oil of lavender can be added to a bath for a calming, relaxing preparation for sleep. To use it as you are trying to go to sleep, you can sprinkle a few drops on a handkerchief and put it beside your pillow. Aromatherapy, of course, works best on people who have an acute sense of smell. Chamomile is another essential oil that is used in aromatherapy as one of the natural sleep aids.

Natural Physical Methods

People can often use relaxation techniques to help them fall asleep. Three of the most influential types of techniques that are used as natural sleep aids are visualization, yoga, and muscle relaxation. The most important thing about these natural sleep aids is that you should be in the place you are going to sleep. Often, you will fall asleep when doing muscle relaxation, for example. Then, when you are awakened, you will be refreshed and unable to go back to sleep when you go to your bed.

Proper light is important, with plenty of light when you are awake and plenty of darkness when you are trying to sleep. This helps to activate your sleep/wake cycle, and works just as well as many other natural sleep aids do.

You need to sleep during your regular sleeping hours and stay focused and alert when you want to be awake. Explore the options of melatonin, valerian, and kava. Try relaxation techniques and light manipulation before you go to your doctor for a prescription. Natural sleep aids have a lot to offer.

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