Six Simple Ways to Beat Insomnia and Enjoy a Night of Natural Restful Sleep

If you’re tired of fighting insomnia hour after hour, here are six simple tips that can help you fight insomnia and achieve natural, restful sleep. They are simple and may seem kind of self-evident but they can help.

1. Drink a warm glass of milk prior to bedtime — it’s an old-fashioned treatment for insomnia but could help.

2. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco before bedtime.

3. Make bedtime as routine as possible and make sure you don’t oversleep in the morning.

4. Ensure that your bedroom is dark, quiet and has a comfortable temperature. You shouldn’t be either too hot or too cold.

5. Take a warm bath just prior to bedtime.

6. Ask your partner to give you a neck and shoulder massage using one of these sooting, calming, essential oils

* 5 Drops Chamomile

* 5 drops Lavender

* 5 drops Neroli

* 3 drops Sandalwood

* 5 drops Rose

* 5 drops Ylang-Ylang

Other things you can do to help ensure a night of natura l restful sleep include taking an evening walk. There are times when fresh air can help you become calm and refreshed. This quiet time could also provide a way for you to sort through your worries in advance and begin to unwind.

And last but not least, try to leave your work at work and learn to sleep on your problems. If you can release all of your day’s problems before bedtime, you may find that your mind is free to seek different solutions throughout the night. The old adage a “things always look better in the morning” can definitely be true after a good nights sleep.Douglas-Hanna_5281Douglas-Hanna_5281

Douglas Hanna is retired and lives in a suburb of Denver. He is the editor and publisher of the popular website, and the author of numerous articles on insomnia, sleep apnea and poor sleep quality.