Prozac Causing Insomnia?

In the era of late eighties to early-nineties, Prozac was prominent as the novel wonder medicine, said to be paranormal cure for depression which was condescended by a large number of people all around the world. Prozac was after brought into disrepute when buzz spread all around that it may incite suicidal tendency if taken in regular users. Now a day’s, Prozac is trying a big come back for most of the unlikely spaces of law enforcement.

Web news reported in last June detailed that as per the recent plan of UK to manage sex offenders are feeding them using Prozac medicine until they become calm as lambs or are harassed to commit suicide. It used to be seemed as if British government is overwhelmed with Prozac medicine especially its calming effects, so campaign to manage this divisive drug to locked up people along with other sex criminals. By doing this, they were looking forward to docile the beastly character of the prisoners as well as shackles with their libidos so that they can not hand over any more dreadful crimes.

The plan was called for 100 prisoners commencing in 9 different prisons to serve up as the first, recipient of Prozac in British system. British authorities said that if the plan worked then they will ensue to administer Prozac to at least 10% of the total prison population as to see if it really works and calms them down.

This plan was to a certain extent a unique way to come within reach of the problem related to sex offenders. You may say that it is like a castration on anybody’s psychological as well as emotional level. You may possibly also say that this approach is not decently principled taking into consideration that it is practically the same as to drugging any human being be it a prisoners into capitulation, if not done with serenity. In addition to it there is moreover a large controversial history related to this considered drug.

Prozac was in the lead amongst the American public in the year 1988 in addition to that it was regarded as an in stantaneous smash hit all around. Millions of people flocked as if a fish market to drugstores in need to buy this new drug, which apparently laid a healing hand on the raw nerve of Americans regarding depression it was not only limited to America but also in the rest parts of all over the world, it turn out to be unruffled in ingesting Prozac.

After all these steps and such a bang off in market suddenly a turning point came when some private scientific studies showed that this medicine is causing genetic changes if taken in large amount and longer periods. The side effect of this Prozac was known to have fatal familial insomnia disease.

In year 1990 Prozac it came up to severe attack twigging from accusation that Prozac lead to insomnia. This fact was not too much forcefully proven into court. But at the same time it tarnished the image of Prozac.

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