Natural Ways to Cure Insomnia

Not getting an adequate or a good night’s sleep for a prolonged time is called insomnia, it not only makes you feel tired all the time but it can cause a lot of health problems. Causes of insomnia can be daytime stress and changes in routine, symptoms of insomnia can be not being able to get to sleep (sleep-onset insomnia) or waking in the middle of the night one or more times and not being able to return to sleep (sleep-maintenance insomnia refers). Insomnia can be a chronic, occasional, or temporary problem. As you get older you tend to need less sleep, most adults need between 7 and 8 hours sleep per night, the over 70’s often need only 5 hours per night which tends to be only the shallow stage of sleep. Most over 70’s think because they don’t get 7 to 8 hours sleep per night that they are suffering from insomnia, the fact is, as long as they feel refreshed the next day, they are getting an adequate amount of sleep.

Most people who suffer from insomnia try over the counter medicine that contains diphenhydramine but there are more natural ways to help with insomnia. If you are suffering from emotional problems which are causing your insomnia, consulting a behavioural or psychological therapist may be beneficial. Changing your sleeping environment can help, have a peaceful place to sleep, have a comfortable mattress and block out all light and noise. Avoid napping during the day, use relaxation tapes and techniques to help you unwind, avoid stimulants such as beverages like tea and coffee that contain caffeine, avoid medicine that contain ephedra and pseudoephedrine which typically tend to be dieting, allergy and cold pills, give up smoking, avoid alcohol, rich food and exercise just before bedtime.

It may help to have a high-carbohydrate snack such as a lettuce sandwich before you go to bed, this will produce more serotonin which is known to reduce anxiety and help with sleep. It may help to take a hot bath with 1 or 2 cups of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in it, 15 to 20 minut es before bedtime. Exercising will promote sleep but it needs to be done earlier in the day, do not do it before bedtime. Insomnia has been like to food allergies especially milk, excluding milk from the diet might help with insomnia. Try putting drops of lavender essential oil near your pillow at night as it has sedative properties, also some people find sleep supplements which contain valerian, hops and lemon balm helpful. Both valerian and kava kava are well known for their properties to relieve anxiety, reduce tension and promote sleep. Some people have found that acupuncture can help with their sleep problems.

The following supplements may help if you are suffering from Insomnia.

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

American scullcap

B group vitamins

Bitter orange






Kava kava


Lemon balm



Passion flower


Vitamin B12

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