Natural Sleep Aid

What are natural sleep aids for insomnia?

First, let’s define what insomnia is. Do you have any of these symptoms — trouble falling asleep at night, restlessness all night, or do you sleep for an hour or two and then wake up, unable to go back to sleep? That’s insomnia — a problem or disturbance with your sleep pattern. And it can happen to anyone, adults and children. A short term period of problems with sleep are normal as long as they don’t last for more than a few days. It is when insomnia happens regularly, night after night after night for weeks that it is considered a problem.

A body that is sleep depleted will not function properly and chronic insomnia itself, can be a symptom of other medical condition, such as depression, heart disease, menopause or diabetes, so it’s important to see a doctor if you are having trouble sleeping. If your doctor can find no health reason for your insomnia, then it is time for you to find and remove the source of your sleep problem. In the meantime, there are over the counter medications and herbal remedies to help while you are trying to get your sleep problem adjusted.

Our bodies need sleep and most studies have recently concluded that we need much more sleep than we are getting. Most doctors now agree that the human body needs at least 8 hours sleep a night if not more. Sleeping less during the work week and catching up on missed sleep on the weekend has been proven to often be a cause of some people’s insomnia. (Ever had the Monday blues?) New studies are showing that a person can not “catch up” on sleep — hours of sleep missed can not be made up. Stress, travel and the “always on the go” modern society that we live in can cause almost anyone to have some sort of sleep problems occasionally.

In order to relief your insomnia and feel better overall, there are a few things you can do to avoid any potential harm to your health while you are treating your sleeping problems. You should first start eating better as diet has a lot to do with how you sleep. When you eat an unhealthy diet full of fats, sodium, and too much sugar, one of the side effects is heartburn, or GERD (Gastic Reflux Disease). GERD shows up at night when you lay down. Your body should be resting but instead, it is actively trying to solve your digestive problems and all this activity will keep you awake. So, one of the best natural sleep aids is to have a healthy diet.

Natural sleep aids are better diet, reducing stress and other changes that you can easily make in your lifestyle.

Changing parts of your lifestyle is another good sleep aid — going to bed and waking up at the same time every night even on the weekends could solve your problem. Other lifestyle changes are no-caffeine drinks during the afternoon and evening and no daytime naps. You can also try to get more light during the day as exposure to more light can be a natural sleep aid.

Soft music is another natural sleep aid that can help to improve your sleep. Music has been found to improve sleep quality, decrease nightly wakening, and lengthen sleep time; as well as increase the quality of your sleep. Also, your bedroom should only be used for sleeping — so take the television out and move your computer or office into another room.

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