Natural Insomnia Cure – Prescription Sleep Aids Vs Natural Sleep Aids

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a society that tends to value energy and seems to expand in complexity every day, it’s a wonder how anyone is able to sleep naturally in the first place. The truth is, many people have trouble getting to sleep at night,alize on this problem can have negative or extremely harmful side effects. People taki and without a good night of restful sleep, it can be a challenge to get through the day. One core concern of many is that, because restful sleep has become a valuable commodity, the competing products that have been developed to capitng these drugs should know that there also exists a natural insomnia cure.

On the face of the problem we have a number of prescription sleep aids which are all competing to gain a significant market share. With highly produced commercials and overwrought actors telling dazzling stories of their new-found restful sleep, it can be difficult for a person with even minor sleep problems not to want to try these pro ducts. But their dangers are many-fold. Once beginning a regular habit of prescription sleep medications, a dependence develops, where a person might have been able to get to sleep without medication sometimes, now that they are on a prescription medication, they cannot sleep at all without the sleep drug. Additionally, a tolerance will develop, with the person requiring more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect — an effect that could be achieved with a natural cure.

Another side-effect of prescription sleep aids is the drowsy “hangover” effect that is felt by its users upon waking. The advertised restful night’s sleep is nullified when a person wakes up exhausted and goes through the day as though they had drunk themselves to sleep — the prescription sleep drug, which takes a higher and higher dosage to work, does not even provide the proper results.

With these horrible results, it’s a wonder that people take prescription sleep drugs in the first place. But there’s an alternative to be considered: natural supplements and natural sleep aids can be used in place of these harmful drugs as a natural insomnia cure without the same side effects. Because they lull the body to sleep in a more pleasant way, they should be considered first by someone suffering from sleep problems.

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