Many Common Ailments – Colds, Insomnia, Impotence – Can be Alleviated with this Small Red Fruit

With all the new prescription drugs being released every year you wouldn’t think that anything else could help fight many common ailments we face today let alone something natural as a small piece of fruit.

But there is. There are many natural “prescriptions” that can help alleviate some of the common afflictions such as colds, insomnia, impotence, visual acuity, morning sickness and dry skin. Would you believe there is one raisin-sized fruit that through numerous clinical studies has been shown to help with the above mentioned ailments.

It’s called the Goji Berry. And it is a very powerful, all-natural Super Food. The Goji Berry contains a rich source of Vitamin C and many other health-promoting vitamins and minerals.

The Goji is said to contain up to 500 times more of the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C help minimize the damage of free radicals which damage the basic structure of cells and lead to chronic diseases and speed up the aging proce ss. When you get a cold you’re advised to drink orange juice to get some Vitamin C. Now, you can drink some Goji Berry juice for a more powerful antioxidant kick.

When you consider that Vitamin C and Vitamin C extract are used in many of today’s popular anti-wrinkle creams and facial masks then you’ll begin to understand just how powerful this one little berry can help improve your overall well-being.

The Goji berry contain more beta carotene than carrots. Beta carotene is essential for vision and is used for processes involving growth and cell differentiation.

The Goji can also help with impotence. In Asian herbalism, the Goji berry is among the most revered of sexual tonic herbs, used to increase sexual fluids and enhance fertility. I wouldn’t go so far as calling it a Viagra replacement, but it can help with mood and other aspects that drinking some Goji Juice couldn’t hurt.

Many people have already discovered the healing, rejuvenating, and naturally anti-aging benefits of the Goji Berry. Pick some up at your favorite whole foods store or at your favorite online shop and see the positive difference it can make in your life today.

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