Life Coach – Insomnia – Women In Menopause And Sleep Deprivation

Women in menopause find it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. There seems to be an evening ritual of waking up at 2:30-ish to the “Okay, I’m awake… NOW what do I do” question and frustration of a possible sleepless night ahead of them. I’m here to tell you that there are processes that will help you achieve sleep filled, restful nights without resorting to dangerous narcotics and other drugs.

Here are some ways to consider:

  • Set the mood for a comfortable sleep atmosphere
  • Prepare your body for relaxation
  • Use colors to stimulate calmness and relaxation
  • Understand the importance of exercise
  • Use music and other relaxation techniques
  • Relieve your mind of anxiety and worry
  • Discover the importance of reducing stimulants
  • Use herbal teas and warm drinks to promote relaxation
  • Use herbs and vitamins to promote natural sleep

In some cases you may need to be disciplined and determined if your goal is to avoid the use of prescription medication. When you first start applying some of the techniques described above, stick to the same bedtime schedule for a week or two.

Start with keeping a record of your sleeping habits, awake time and any details regarding sleeping patterns and techniques used to aid in the sleep process to date. Also include if you are having night sweats or restless legs etc. The more you pay attention to the better you will be able to implement a routine that will benefit all your symptoms. Being in menopause ads an extra set of things to watch and adjust methods tried.

After observing how your body and your own specific metabolism have adjusted to your new treatments, you can begin modifying the routine to incorporate more or less of the methods described and to note adjustments to your treatment in your sleep log. Since you are in menopause, be sure to check in to the different supplements available since one of the other symptom might be the cause for your sleep problem.

Remember, as with any health issue, never hesitate to consult your doctor if your symptoms raise concern for your overall health. Be sure to enlist them to work with you in determining the best treatment for your special needs, including the natural remedies available. The most important thing is your health.

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