Insomnia – What Causes Insomnia And How Does Insomnia Affect My Health?

Insomnia is termed as disease. But truth is that Insomnia is not a disease itself, it is symptom of sleep disorders. However, though the Insomnia is not a disease it may have adverse effect on your body as well as general behavior.

Categories and types of Insomnia symptoms

There are different types of Insomnia symptoms. These are separated on the basis of duration they occur. First with smaller spans of sleeplessness is termed as transient Insomnia. Second is an advance stage of Insomnia, in which you experience difficulty in getting sleeps for longer period ranging from three weeks to about one month. The last type is chronic Insomnia. In this type of Insomnia your spend nights together without sleep.

These types are further categorized based on the symptoms.

  • In first type, you get sleep immediately after going to bed. However duration of such sleep may be shorter and you may not be able to fall asleep again after interruption.
  • In second type, though you go to bed early, you may not fall asleep for longer time of the night. You spend half of the night tossing and turning in the bed.
  • The final symptom is that of those who do not get the sleep at all.

Not necessarily the cause of sleeplessness is that of Insomnia. There are other aspects which makes you sleepless. Some of these factors are anxiety disorder, physical sickness, mental stress, poor sleep hygiene and depression.

Effects of Insomnia

  • Primary effect of Insomnia is sleeplessness. This may be for a shorter duration or for prolonged periods in chronic cases. You may experience following effects of Insomnia.
  • Interruption of breathing: This is termed as sleep apnea in medical terms. In this condition you experience interruption in breathing. As a result of this interruption your sleep cycle is disturbed. This happens due to partial collapse of respiratory track muscle tone. The bigger problem about this condition that person suffering from such c ondition do not remember what interrupted his sleep. However, he keeps drowsing throughout the day complaining sleeplessness. This type of Insomnia is attributable to congestive heart, sign of premature aging and cerebral vascular condition. The best way to get rid of such condition is that you must awake from the bed and resume breathing.
  • The other type of Insomnia is noticed particularly in person taking frequent journeys. Your journey may have different time zones as such it becomes very difficult for you to adjust yourself with the changed sleeping habits. Your body is accustomed to a particular time schedule for sleep. Whenever there is change in this schedule, you may experience symptom of sleeplessness. This cause is also applicable to people working in shifts.
  • In another type of sleep disorder symptoms, person responds physically to the events he has seen in dreams. Violent behavior during sleep, nightmares and sleepwalking are examples of such responses.
  • You may experi ence other symptoms like awaking in night due to unpleasant sensations. This sensation occurs due to flowing of acids upwards from stomach. This condition is termed as gastro-esophageal reflex.

Insomnia not only makes you sleepless but can be a sign of other serious diseases. Insomnia also affects your personality and general behavior. You don’t get sufficient sleep and as a result you feel laziness or drowsiness throughout the day. You may not be able to concentrate on work at office or at home. Confusion and inability for coordination are also related with Insomnia.

Bear in mind, Insomnia is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom of sleeplessness and may be a sign of other disease. There are many ways, traditional as well as medicinal, to treat these symptoms. Maintaining sleep hygiene, trying to live stress-free and adhering to adopting good sleeping habits will give you some relief from Insomnia. If these do not yield satisfactory results you can consult a doctor who will advise yo u the right sleeping aid.

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