Insomnia Natural Cures – Why You Shouldn’t Even Think About Trying Hard to Fall Asleep

Are you having difficulty falling asleep at night from insomnia? The last thing you want to do is get into bed at night and try and force yourself to go to sleep. The bottom line is this sleep strategy will not work for you. Here’s why.

Sleeping is something you do. It’s not something that you command yourself to do. Think about all the times that you were falling asleep at the most in opportune times. For example, what about those mid afternoon involuntary shutdowns that you are fighting off at work? Remember those? You found it impossible to focus on your work if anything at all. It seems like you had no choice but to fall asleep. So you can see, the act or function of sleeping is a matter of when your brain slows down enough to let you go to sleep.

The brain is very complex and you can’t just “tell it” to fall asleep. In fact the brain regulates all the activity we do. It controls our central nervous system. It’s probably sad news for those of us who think they are in full and constant control of sleeping but that’s just the way it is. Therefore, if you’re trying very hard at night to fall asleep, all you really doing is putting more pressure on yourself. All you’re doing is piling on more thoughts in your head. So the first thing you should be doing at bed time is to stop thinking about falling asleep as a life or death situation.

As discussed we cannot order ourselves to go to sleep. What do we do with the millions of thoughts racing through your head? The good news is you can slow down your thoughts. There are ways to deal with those obsessive thoughts, and help relieve the pressure you compiled from your day. You just need to know and understand how to let go of us thoughts. The trick here is to focus on something else that is pleasant to you and not think about falling asleep. There are many ways to do is. For example, you can focus on your breathing. Think about inhaling the fresh air and on the exhale think about the thoughts leaving you.

If you hate going to bed at night because you wind up staring at the ceiling most nights, then you’ll see are many things you can do to slow down your thoughts and start getting to sleep at night. There is a very good resource in my signature that goes over all of that. You can read a review of it there. I used to hate going to sleep at night because I knew I wasn’t getting any sleep. That has changed now as I learned to let go.

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