Insomnia Natural Cures – Quiz Yourself on the Basics

If you’re researching insomnia natural cures, then below are three key questions you need to know the answer to. If you want results, then you’ll benefit from these questions. The format will be as follows: I’ll state the question, follow up with the correct answer, followed by a lot of information to help you.

1. When I get started with a natural cure for insomnia I:

A) Take an over the counter medication along with the home remedy.
B) Follow the directions as instructed.
C) Research the remedy further to see if it’s valid.

The correct answer is B. When you start trying a home remedy to cure your insomnia, you want to follow the instructions. Here’s why, if you don’t follow the instructions then you may not get the results you want. Also incorporating over the counter sleep medication with the remedy will not help you decide if it works or not. In regards to the other answers, if you decide to research the treatment you just purchased, then you simply researched at the wrong time. You should do all your research before purchasing. This way you know if the insomnia cure is workable with your current life style.

2. If I am stressed at night just before bed time, I:

A) Plan for the next day.
B) Just go to bed angry and agitated and try and get some well deserved sleep.
C) Write down my problems using a pen and paper.

There are two correct answers here: A and C. If you sit down with a pen and paper and write out your schedule for the next day, then you are “giving yourself permission” to handle your issues the next day. This can do wonders for your mind set and is worth a try. Also, writing is very therapeutic when it comes to confronting your problems. A simple exercise to try is writing down your thoughts (no matter how far out there they are) and then shred them. It’s a great way to let go and move forward. If you go to bed angry and agitated then you probably won’t get to sleep at a decent hour. Your best bet in this case is to try the exercises mentioned above.

3. When it comes to coffee or caffeinated drinks and my sleep I:

A) Will never give them up. I perform too well with them.
B) Try to cut back or eliminate the caffeine from my diet.

The correct answer is B. It may be something as simple like caffeine that is causing your insomnia. You start feeling the effects of caffeine as you get older. When you’re a young adult, it gives you all the energy you need to conquer the world. Then one day you’re thirty-something, hyped up in the morning and crashing in the afternoons. Then you’re looking for more coffee to stay alert. You’re best bet is to try and cut back on the afternoon coffee. If you want to be really effective, try cutting out caffeine all together. However, be prepared to fall asleep at inconvenient times. If coffee is such a vice where you would never give it up, then you need to consider going to decaf coffee. When it comes to home remedies for insomnia, you are aiming for a natural balance in your body so you can fall asleep at night again.

Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and reflects an opinion. This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should consult a physician for any and all medical advisement.

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