Insomnia Effects Shown In Statistics

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions, and there are various astounding statistics about the insomnia effects. According to well-researched facts, about 55 percent and more adults face a problem with insomnia, and the number is growing every day. Among these adults, more than 93 percent agree that this disorder can affect the performance of their work the next day.

Among the group of adults facing this disorder, more than 90 percent of them say that they are more prone to accidents than others. And the same percentage agrees that they find it difficult to adjust socially. They claim that they are unable to have correct relationships. About 85 percent of individuals suffering from this problem say that other health problems also arise because of this.

In the West, more than 60 million individuals have insomnia, and the number is growing every day. Women are also more prone to this sleep disorder than men. About 40 percent of women suffer from insomnia and about 30 per cent of men are affected. The number of hours of sleep that an insomniac normally gets is about 6 hours or less every day.

In the whole world, America has the largest number of insomniacs followed by Germany and United Kingdom. It is stated based on research that more than 90 percent of individuals who seek treatment for insomnia end up getting hospitalized. However emergency admissions can be about 5 percent almost. The number of days a person is likely to be hospitalized during treatment for insomnia is 7 days.

The age group that is most affected with this insomnia effects is between 15 to 55 year old. Though women are more prone to the disorder, the hospitalization episodes relate more to men. Statistics related to insomnia are extremely interesting as it is an eye opener about the disease. By learning and understanding what insomnia is all about, how many people it affects, you will be learned about the disorder if you have it.

All statistics will definitely be based on extensive researc h, as this information is being offered to the public. Statistic can be viewed for many reasons. Either it could be for research, or to gather knowledge about the disorder if one has it, or just out of plain curiosity. Whatever the reason, many people are bound to find that they have stumbled across some very disturbing numbers. Insomnia is a rather perplexing disorder.

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Sarah Wal ker is a health and fitness enthusiast. She currently runs a website helping people with Insomnia.