Insomnia During Pregnancy

Pregnancy as well as the development of child in mother’s womb is nothing regarded other than a miracle. Only two cells fuse together and start multiplying into billions and trillions of cells developing into body parts as well as leading to organs. At that time billions of biochemical as well as physical processes are ought to occur correctly. To maintain this conception, female chemical hormones get increased in number but they are reduced in fabrication. This sometime leads problems for mother to one of the most dreadful disease, insomnia. As per studies more than 3 quarter of pregnant women are caught in the dreadful disease of insomnia, explained as lack of sound sleep especially during night.

Moreover hormonal discrepancy, pregnancy precisely is cause of insomnia and is because: –

* Enlarged size of the stomach leading to problems in sleeping postures as well as it causes uneasiness
* Pain in back, this due to the fact that back muscles need to tolerate an additional weight
* Require urination more commonly, as uterus bears down on or against the gall bladder which reduces its capacity
* Stomachache, as stomach is also hard-pressed
* Many woman’s have anxiety regarding there delivery
* Changing of postures by baby at night inside the womb.

The cure for insomnia at the time of pregnancy includes effect in changing life style and leads to some changes in woman’s personal behavior. Some of the common cures for these problems are: –

* Therapy which is most effective and reduces anxiety is relaxation therapy.
* There are a lot of relaxation techniques which must be carried out once in a day such as yoga, meditation, listening to music or one can even try aromatherapy.
* The patient is suggested to take enough pillows and must be comfortable with appropriate bed support due to her changing shape and postures while sleeping.
* If she is undergoing frequent urination problem, fluid drinking is supposed to be restricted subsequent to late afternoon.
* A comfortable room temperature must be maintained as well as external noise level must be low.
* It is preferred to take a warm bath prior to bedtime will make one fell comfortable and help allot.
* Some mild but non stretching exercises such as walking everyday may even help.
* Stimulants such as caffeine as well as nicotine intake must be evaded.
* Taking excessive day naps must be avoided as much as possible.
* Drinking mild hot milk prior going to bedtime will surely stimulate a good night’s sleep.
* One is suggested not to get onto the bed until she is feeling too much sleepy.
* If she is unable to sleep within a short span of time after lying down on the bed, it is healthier to get up and do anything else until she feels sleepy once again.

Pregnant women are suggested to avoid intake of sleeping pills, as it directly affects on child as well as it is not even clinically attested due to these ethical reasons.

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