Insomnia Cures – Why Do Some People Sleep Better Than Others?

There are many insomnia cures. Some that work. Some that do not. It depends on who you are and how you attack your insomnia. So know how the body works before you begin your sleeping program.

The sleep-wake system is extremely complex. It’s not just one center or one nucleus, but a whole group of little nerve centers strung from the very lowest parts of the brain and up the brainstem to the forebrain. There appear to be two systems: one pushing arousal, the other pushing sleep. Both are active all the time, and they interact. Whether you sleep or not depends on which of the two is dominant at a certain time.

Insomnia Cures: Body Activity

Muscle activity, anxiety, intensive thinking, noise, light, or other stimuli all strengthen the arousal system. Typically, the arousal system is the stronger of the two. However, its strength decreases naturally after you have been awake for a while, say 16 hours, or when there is a lack of stimulation. This is why when we want to sleep we seek the quiet of the bedroom, the darkness of closed eyes, and a soft surface to lie on.

However, when your mind is preoccupied with some issue or when your body sends out pain stimuli, arousal remains high and the weaker sleep system is not able to overcome the arousal system. It is natural that in a system as complex as our sleep-wake system, not everybody is equally endowed, just as some people are taller and others shorter. The weaker your sleep system (or the stronger your awake system), the more careful you have to be with your sleep.

Often you can trace strong and weak sleep systems through families. Sometimes patients will say that their mother or grandmother couldn’t sleep. However, the fact that you can trace insomnia through a family doesn’t necessarily mean that it is genetic; it also is possible that the family contains some chronic worriers who fret about every family members sleep habits, making them overly concerned about their own sleep.

So consider these factors when re searching insomnia cures. And remember, when you are searching for a cure make sure you fine a program that encompasses all aspects of your waking life (eating, stress, exercise, etc.)

Get some sleep tonight! There is an all natural cure for overcoming insomnia or any other sleep disorder. Get the restful, peaceful, full nights sleep you deserve so you can get back to living a normal, happy life!