Insomnia Causes – the Truth About Insomnia

Sleeping is a very simple thing. It comes naturally when we are babies. Yet, many people find it extremely difficult to go to sleep. Some people cannot just sleep. This leads to many other problems. According to statistics provided by the US department of health and human services approximately 60 million people suffer from insomnia.

This is a very annoying problem, because without sleep it is not possible to concentrate in work. This leads to decrease in productivity. Therefore, it is essential to find a solution to this problem. In an effort to reduce this affliction, sleep clinics are opening in many places.

Let’s first understand what insomnia is. It is a condition wherein a person cannot go to sleep or cannot stay asleep for a reasonable period. People who suffer from insomnia cannot go to sleep even if they are tired. If they do go to sleep, it is usually short and disturbed sleep which makes them even more tired.

Insomniacs are the product of stress-filled environmen t. Stress over undone work is the biggest culprit for insomniacs. So, to get rid of insomnia it is first important to reduce stress as much as possible.

Sometimes it is medication that causes insomnia. Some medicines are sedative, so while they are being takes a person sleeps a lot. But, the problem arises when they want to stop taking these medications. They are no longer sedated and since they are used to sleeping because of sedation they find it difficult to get sleep.

The cause could also be psychological. However, the relation between psychological conditions and insomnia is not very clear. This is because it is also possible that psychological problems are created by insomnia rather than the other way round.

Some of the insomnia problems are not really insomnia. This is because there are many patients who find it difficult to go to sleep easily. It takes time for them to go to sleep. However, once they do go to sleep, they sleep peacefully and this sleep helps in removing physical and mental tiredness unlike other types of insomniacs. This late sleeping is caused usually be stress and worries and can be eliminated by reducing stress.

Before you get tensed and lose more sleep over suffering from insomnia, I advice you to eliminate stress from your life as much as possible.

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