Informative Tips About Insomnia During Pregnancy

For many women, getting pregnant is the ultimate. They have looked forward to having children from an early age. They have probably played house many times growing up and pretended to be a mom, but now it is actually going to happen. Insomnia during pregnancy is very common. Many changes will take place in a woman’s body as she is pregnant. She’ll experience many different things such as emotional highs to emotional lows. She’ll probably have feelings of feeling fat and ugly and other times of feeling quite beautiful and very blessed. With all the ups and downs that occur during this time, insomnia during pregnancy is just one of the many factors she’ll have to face. This article will talk about some of the reasons for insomnia during pregnancy, and some tips on how to possibly overcome them.

Insomnia during pregnancy can occur quite early in the pregnancy, because she may experience times of feeling nauseated. This does not just happen in the mornings. It can attack at any time of the day for some. For women who experience this, they may wake up during the night to have to head to the bathroom. If this happens quite frequently, the woman will become tired from lack of sleep. Keeping some soda crackers handy by the bed might help insomnia during pregnancy. If she can get a few crackers down, it might help to control the episodes of nausea.

Later on as the baby grows, insomnia during pregnancy might too. As baby gets bigger and your stomach grows, breathing may become more difficult. Placing another pillow behind your head might help you to breathe better and allow you to rest more. Another suggestion for sleeping better would be to lie on your side and place a pillow between your legs. This will allow your spine to be kept straighter and give baby more room. A warm glass of milk before you go to bed might help insomnia during pregnancy. Warm milk contains a chemical that causes sleep to occur. Other things like a warm cup of water with 2 tsp. of honey in it might also help insomnia du ring pregnancy.

You may find that you’ll experience insomnia during pregnancy in the latter stages. Many women experience stages of swelling such as their feet, hands, and or ankles. Tom-Turner_56911This can be very uncomfortable and cause you to not be able to sleep. Try to stay off your feet as much as possible, and prop your feet up with a pillow under them. This might relieve some of the discomfort. Just remember insomnia during pregnancy is very common, but most all cases are temporary, and will pass after the baby is born.

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