How To Overcome Insomnia and Get a Good Nights Sleep

Insomnia is a very common problem and affects one in three adults. Insomnia means lack of sleep and can be triggered by a variety of different causes.

Stress is a common cause for example a break up of a relationship, redundancy at work, financial worries or a health worry can mean lying awake at night trying to sleep and fighting against a very active mind that’s turning over worries and possible solutions. The more you try to sleep the worse the situation becomes.

Try to completely switch off from worries before you go to bed, and tell yourself that everything will work out fine. This may be very hard to do, but you can help yourself by not drinking any caffeine drinks such as coffee in the evening and having a warm bath before you go to bed.

Make your bedroom a comfortable temperature but not to hot, and have a window slightly open to allow oxygen to circulate. These simple attentions can help you to sleep better and manage your insomnia.

Drinking alcohol can cause drowsiness and make you fall into a light sleep, however it certainly isn’t a cure for insomnia as it also dehydrates the body. After a couple of hours you will wake up as your body is telling you it needs water. One solution though is to drink plenty of water before you sleep, however you will probably still wake up a few hours later as you will need to pass water!

Sometimes insomnia can be caused by health issues such as a head ache, stomach upset or other types of aches and pains. Asthma and other breathing problems can cause insomnia. I have suffered briefly from Asthma in the past and know that propping yourself up in bed with a couple of extra pillows really does help.

Some people find that they can’t sleep in bed but will easily fall asleep while watching a film on tv on lying on the couch.

Heartburn that causes pain or tightness in the mid-chest area is also a cause for insomnia. This can be much worse at night while lying down. It may wake a person from sleep and can be painful. Med ication for heartburn or acidity can relieve this and lead to better sleep. Gaviscon is one medication that does work immediately to relieve symptoms.

Try to relax and enjoy life. Don’t get stressed as most of what we worry about never happens anyway!

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