Helpful Tips For Insomnia In Children

It isn’t uncommon for children to experience difficulty sleeping. Insomnia is basically the act of not being able to sleep. Insomnia in children is actually a very common occurrence and can occur at any age. There are a number of things that can cause insomnia in children and this article will explore some of those things and what you can possibly do to help overcome the problem.

Children like to feel secure just as you and I. Sometimes circumstances will change in the home. You as an adult have it under control, but they (children) don’t. They don’t like change. Change can cause insomnia in children as they no longer feel safe. Maybe you have just made a move, or you are going through a divorce, or have just experienced a death in the family. You may have even changed to a new job and your hours of work are different, or you just began working and are not at home all the time. We the parents, may not have realized that these type of things can cause insomnia in children as we are fin e with it or have gotten over it.

Routine is very important to a child, and a broken routine can cause insomnia in children. They need to have a regular bedtime and they need to get up at around the same time each day, as this will establish when bedtime is. We seem to live very busy lives these days and for some families, they are on the go so much that they never know when they are going to return home at night. Children like to sleep in their own beds, with their own pillow and blankie. Waking them to return home from some function, can cause insomnia in children. They may not be able to go back to sleep or it may take some time before they slumber again.

There are two types of insomnia in children.

Acute: This is classified as short term. The child may be up one night a week for a few weeks. Stress, illness, hot or cold, and medications can be some of the factors that would cause acute insomnia in children. You can remedy some of these things, by just making the child comfortable. Short term sickness will pass and so will the use of the medication that could be keeping them awake.

Chronic: This is classified as long term. The child may be up three times a week for a month or more. Depression, anxiety, or pain and discomfort can be some of the factors that would cause chronic insomnia in children. You should seek medical advice for a child who is experiencing chronic insomnia. There are some treatments available that can help.

Tom-Turner_56911Like I said before, insomnia in children is very common and you are not alone in this battle to sleep. Just know that insomnia in children is usually not permanent, so hopefully soon you will be able to get some rest as well.

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