Help Is On The Way With Insomnia In Children

Children are such a blessing. They can bring us great joy at the oddest times. You can be in a horrible mood and just a hug from a child can lift the whole day and make things look a lot brighter. Insomnia in children can cause you to become irritable and cranky. We all need a good eight hours of rest a day and if we don’t get it, over a period of days, it can catch up to us and then nothing will look the same. You won’t view things the same and you will become emotional or easily irritated. When a child is not being able to sleep, neither are you. You can spend hours trying to comfort or rock a child in hopes of them falling asleep. This article will give some tips on causes and possible solutions in dealing with insomnia in children.

None of us want to get irritable and explode on our child or family, but insomnia in children can cause this to happen. You may not be able to completely control your emotions when you are experiencing a lack of sleep, but the good news is, most insomnia in children is treatable and is short lived. Thankfully soon you will be able to get back to a normal routine of rest. This actually can be a cause of insomnia in children. Children like to have routine. They like to feel safe and secure so you can create a sense of security by just having a set bedtime for them to follow. Keep to the schedule the best you can and the child will know that it is bedtime. Their body will get used to going to bed at the same time and insomnia in children will be less likely to occur because their body will be used to the schedule.

Insomnia in children can be caused from too much sugar. We tend to reward our children with sweets. Why, I don’t know, but for centuries, we have treated our children with sweets as a reward. If they do something good, we give them some candy or as they get older, we give them money so they can buy some candy. We give our children things to drink such as soda pop and kool aid that have a lot of sugar in them. Not only do some drinks have sugar in them, but they have caffeine in them as well. We also allow our kids to drink things such as energy drinks which will give you a boost of caffeine. No wonder we have a problem with insomnia in children.

Insomnia in children can be caused from numerous things such as teething, or medications. If a child is sick, we give them medicine and sometimes the medicine can wire them and make them stay awake instead of causing them to sleep. It is very common for children to have intestinal worms. Don’t take this personal, like you are an unclean family. After all, children place everything in their mouths. This can especially be true if you have a pet. You can de-worm your children once or twice a year just to be safe, but you will know when they have worms because once they are asleep, they squirm around a lot.Tom-Turner_56911 The worms begin moving around as they are relaxed and the child will kick and move around a lot, and often insomnia i n children will occur. The child will wake up and not be able to go back to sleep.

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