Facts About Insomnia – Avoid This Common But Surprising Mistake at Bed Time

If you want to learn more facts about insomnia, you may want to consider a huge mistake others make in their own attempts to cure their insomnia. I think you’ll be thrown off a little once you read it. However, you may understand why it’s a common thing people try to do at night. When it comes to insomnia….

People try way too hard to get to sleep when they are in bed.

I know it sounds crazy, but you’ll find that trying to make yourself go to sleep is indeed counter productive. The reason is if your body is not ready to go to sleep it will not do so. You see, your brain controls your central nervous system. Going to sleep is something you cannot control. For example, what happens during those afternoon battles at work when people are fighting to avoid falling asleep? The funny thing is your brain is ready for you to go to sleep. No matter how hard you try, your head is close to falling on the desk and you’re seconds away from passing out. Then you trying anything you can to keep from falling asleep. The exact opposite is happening at night with you.

So what if you’re not ready to go to sleep but want to go to sleep? First you have to figure out why you’re wide awake. Usually it has to do with all those thoughts running through your head. You know them. The ones about paying the bills, how things are getting more expensive, and anything else that bothers you. I understand those thoughts well. They are common to have. Not only are these obsessive thoughts not fun to think about, they run as fast and are busy as rush hour on the Los Angeles freeway. So your goal is to try and get some control over them.

While you can’t control your brain to get to sleep, you can still cure your insomnia by getting rid of those thoughts for the evening. You have to learn to let go of them. Yes, it’s easier said and done. However, you can still try if you know what to do. One way to take your mind off of things is to read a book. Read something that’s of interest to you and take in the words. Don’t try to read to fast because all that does is apply pressure to your self. You want to make an effort to read every word. Once you are a few pages into the book, you’ll be into the story and not the mortgage bill.

There are many other facts about insomnia you could learn about. The more you know the better chance you have of getting to sleep at bed time quicker. Also, with better sleep you of course get your daily productively and your life back. The signature box below has a link to a resource that covers all of that. Good Luck with curing your insomnia.

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