Aspirin helps fall asleep

Aspirin helps people fall asleep, especially if you or your child are just a little tense from the stresses of the day.

It is important to make sure that your child gets enough sleep and sleeps well. You lose sleep as a result of your child’s bedtime and sleeping patterns. So, this is perhaps a case where a healthcare provider would suggest a low dose aspirin, as an aid in both of you falling asleep.

It is extremely important that everyone in your family gets a good night’s sleep, every night, as frequent insomnia or sleep problems can lead to so many other health problems. Good sleep is so important because the sleep stage known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is when your body repairs itself from the stresses of everyday life. When anyone in your family’s sleep cycle or pattern is disturbed, it is usually this stage of sleep that is interrupted.

Childhood is the time when some sleep problems can become lifetime bad habits for a child. So occasional sleep problems should be handled has quickly as possible. Chronic insomnia can be a symptom of other conditions, such as depression, sleep apnea, lung disease, or diabetes. So, it is very important to see a doctor if you or anyone else in your family is having trouble sleeping that last 2 weeks.

As well as an occasion low dose Bayer aspirin (baby aspirin), a glass of warm milk is also a good aid to help anyone with those occasional problems falling asleep. Both aspirin and warm milk can’t hurt anyone and if you have any chronic pain, it can certainly help. As a child, I sometimes had problems falling asleep because of leg pains after playing too hard during the day and baby aspirin was what my mother would give me. Since that was many years ago, there were not any doctors specializing in sleep medicine and our family doctor told my mother that my leg pains were just “growing pains”.

Studies have since shown that daily low doses of aspirin are good for everyone’s heart and blood circulation so most doctors would say that it is a good habit for everyone in your family to get used to doing, especially if there is any family history of heart attacks.

Low doses of aspirin occasionally for sleep, does not mean you are a bad parent. A child who gets enough sleep and sleeps well is more likely to be cheerful during the day. The better the child sleeps, the happier the entire family will be.