Alcohol And Insomnia – A Bad Combination

There’s nothing worse than getting in bed after a long, exhausting day and simply not being able to sleep. And even though we’re thoroughly tired, we are somehow kept from sleep by an internal process we neither understand nor can control. Insomnia strikes us all at some point in our lives; it leaves us feeling mentally and physically drained, and unprepared for another long day ahead.

Those who suffer from insomnia periodically will try all manner of solutions to induce sleep. From warm milk at bedtime to sleep masks and earplugs, there’s nothing we won’t try once to put insomnia at bay. For some, a glass of wine or bottle of beer seems like an appropriate way to combat insomnia. And while alcohol before bed will often induce a speedy sleep, in the end alcohol and insomnia just don’t mix.

The combination of alcohol and insomnia works something like this: the introduction of alcohol induces sleep quickly. However, it also begins to instantly dehydrate your body. The result is a f itful sleep that stops short of REM required for a deep, rejuvenating rest. Instead, you will most likely wake just several hours after falling asleep. The reason? Your body needs water. So, despite what you may think, alcohol and insomnia is one of the worst combinations.

Short bouts of insomnia may be inevitable in every person’s life. Sometimes, just a change in routine can help you get back to resting peacefully. Darken your bedroom, play soothing music, or limit food and beverages before bed. If, however, insomnia continues to plague you, you may consider seeing your doctor. For ongoing problems with insomnia, there is effective medication – both prescription and over-the-counter – that will safely help you fall asleep.

Getting adequate sleep is absolutely crucial to a healthy lifestyle. No one can be expected to function successfully in life without ample rest. But combining alcohol and insomnia is simply not the way to go in order to ensure a restful sleep. Look instead to more natural ways to combat insomnia or seek professional guidance from your doctor.

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