Do You Snore? These Tips Can Help!

TIP! To stop yourself from snoring, you may want to change positions when sleeping. Lying on the back causes most people to snore because the head is forced downwards by gravity, and the throat closes up slightly.

Snoring may sound funny and can be extremely annoying, but in some cases it can be more than just night noises. This could be a way for the body to alert a person that something is not right. The information in the next few paragraphs will help snoring sufferers narrow down the cause of their snoring problems so that treatment can begin.

TIP! Some people find sleeping with pillows stacked under their back to be helpful in reducing snoring. This puts you in a nearly sitting position.

To curtail your snoring, you must first determine exactly why it is happening. You may have an underlying medical condition that is causing you to snore. If you fail to identify it, however, you cannot expect your snoring to stop. In fact, your snoring could actually become worse.

TIP! One way to keep yourself from snoring is by making “fish faces”. Even though this may sound odd, making fish faces can aid in strengthening throat and facial muscles.

One way to keep yourself from snoring is by making “fish faces”. While it sounds funny, making these faces helps make the muscles of the face and throat stronger. To perform the exercise purse your lips and draw your cheeks in. Pucker up like a fish! You should practice this technique a few times every day.

Illegal Drugs

TIP! Nasal strips offer an excellent alternative to snoring. The strips are similar in appearance to a Band-Aid.

You should refrain from using illegal drugs. Illegal drugs can contribute significantly to your snoring issues. Marijuana, for example, is a drug that relaxes the body. Pain killers, bought illegally on the street, will also have the same effect. This relaxation that illegal drugs provide might feel good before you go to sleep, but once you get to sleep, that same effect will cause you to snore.

TIP! People who are a little bigger and overweight are more likely to snore because of the excess fat they have in their neck. When someone is overweight, they usually will have extra fatty tissue that surrounds their windpipes which does not help with snoring.

Prescription medications may be causing your snoring, speak with your doctor about it. There are prescriptive medicines that are a direct cause of snoring. Most medications that contain antihistamines relax the throat muscles, which restricts airflow. Restricted airways contribute to snoring.

TIP! You can reduce your snoring significantly by quitting smoking. If quitting doesn’t work, ensure that you don’t smoke within two hours of your bedtime.

If you snore, you may want to consider using nasal strips. These strips resemble a Band-Aid. However, their function is very different. Their purpose is to make sure your nasal passages are open. You will be better able to breath with your nose and it can greatly decrease your snoring.

TIP! If you snore, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Avoid sleeping pills, antihistamines and tranquilizers before bed.

In order to decrease your snoring, you need to be getting a lot of excellent exercise. Exercising helps you breathe more evenly, which can reduce snoring in some people. Not only will exercise maintain a fit respiratory system, it also helps to greatly reduce stress. Higher stress means distorted breathing and a higher chance of snoring.

Soft Palate

TIP! You can reduce the chances of snoring by eating less at night. Large meals eaten before bed will fill your stomach.

Does it seem strange to you that singing might help with your snoring? One doctor has suggested that singing can help reduce snoring, because singing builds muscle in the throat and soft palate. By increasing your muscle tone in your throat and soft palate, your airways will not narrow during sleep.

TIP! Put your tongue on a regular exercise regimen. Though it is uncommon to think of your tongue in this way, it can actually be exercised easily by thrusting it out of the mouth over and over again.

Do not exercise too heavily within one hour of bedtime. It will leave your body out of oxygen and short of breath. You can develop constricted airways that inevitably lead to snoring.

TIP! The tennis ball method is a remedy that many people claim is quite effective. By placing a tennis ball under your shirt on your back, you can implement this method to reduce snoring.

A tennis ball might be a simple solution to your snoring problems. Attach the tennis ball to the backside of whatever you wear to bed prior to getting into bed. While you are asleep, feeling the ball against your back will cause you to turn onto your side. Sleeping on your side reduces snoring significantly.

TIP! Allergies may be causing the snoring. To stop the snoring, you may have to treat the allergies.

Snoring could be your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong with your health. When the body provides such signals, it is wise to take a proactive approach. You will be able to attain a deeper level of sleep, by targeting the causes of snoring.