Techniques To Help You Cope With Sleep Apnea

TIP! If you are obese, start a weight loss program. Multiple research projects demonstrate the connection between sleep apnea and being overweight.

If anyone around you has trouble with their sleep and things are not getting better, you should be aware that sleep apnea might be the culprit. Do not ignore the symptoms of sleep apnea. Read on to get more knowledge about sleep apnea.

TIP! Some people believe that you can strengthen you upper airway muscles by playing a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family. Research in Germany has shown that playing an instrument called the didgeridoo can train the muscles in your upper airways and strengthen them.

Being overweight can be a cause of sleep apnea. If this applies, it is is important to shed some excess weight. Exercising and following a regular weight loss plan is the best strategy. Carbohydrate restriction has been shown to help people lose weight in recent studies as well.

TIP! Avoid drinking alcohol to excess. Your muscles get relaxed too much.

Consult with your doctor about getting a mouth piece. You might possess an airway that is naturally narrow, or you might have a recessed chin or small jaw. All of these can make the symptoms of sleep apnea seem more pronounced. There are special devices which will align your jaw properly while also putting you in the best position while asleep, this results in you getting more rest.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Assessing your sleep apnea potential might be hard if you there is not a partner in bed at night to give you feedback. Record yourself to get a better picture of what is happening while you sleep.

Taking up a wind instrument can help to alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms. Researchers in Germany have suggested that the didgeriddo can improve upper airway muscles. This muscle group controls how your airway dilates and how your airway walls stiffen. Because of this, regular playing of this instrument can aid sleep by reducing the various symptoms that sleep apnea produces.

TIP! If you are using a CPAP and experience an issue with your mouth opening during sleep, a chin strap can help. The chin strap is a fabric strap that supports your chin to keep your mouth shut.

Get a custom mouth guard. Sleep apnea patients can have mouth guards that are custom made specifically to treat their condition. The mouth guard is more comfortable to use than a CPAP machine that works by applying constant positive airway pressure. You will find that this mouth guard stabilizes the soft tissues and allows the airways to be more open.

TIP! Consult with your doctor about surgery if you find that none of the less invasive options are helping with your symptoms of sleep apnea. There are surgical procedures that have proven to be highly effective in severe sleep apnea cases, such as airway enlargement and the removal of the adenoids or (if they’re still present) the tonsils.

If you are having trouble getting to sleep, do not turn to sleeping pills for assistance when you have sleep apnea. Similar to alcohol, sleeping pills will relax your throat and airways to an undesirable extent. They may also have other negative effects as well. Consult with your practitioner to see what you can do to get to sleep without putting your breathing patterns at risk.

TIP! Sleep apnea will not disappear all by itself, you must have it treated. Different people find relief through different forms of treatment.

Try sleeping in a different position (such as on the side) rather than on your back. If you sleep on your back, this can make your sleep apnea worse. If you sleep flat on your back you are only exasperating your breathing problem by allowing your throat muscles to relax and move down. Breathing is a lot easier for your body to do when you are on your side. If you think you might roll over anyway, try a wedge pillow.

TIP! There are some good tongue exercises you can do which can help lessen the effects of sleep apnea. Try pressing your tongue to the top of your mouth and holding it there for a minimum of three minutes.

When you suffer from sleep apnea, you should do your best to stick to the same sleep schedule each day. Your condition is already messing with your regular sleep cycle every night. Any steps you take towards a regular sleeping schedule will help you get a better night’s sleep. The most important adjustment to make is to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

TIP! If sleep apnea afflicts you, don’t drink too much. Drinking causes the throat muscles to relax excessively, which causes snoring and a blocked airway.

Be sure to use just one, normal-sized pillow when you sleep. Having too many pillows, or one gigantic one, may interfere with good breathing posture. This may put you in a position that can adversely affect your breathing. Because of this, you should only sleep with a single pillow to combat sleep apnea.

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TIP! Your sleep habits directly affect you and your sleep apnea. Having a proper sleep position is necessary.

You may wish to discuss the tips you have learned here with family members and friends. The idea that sleep apnea can be ignored is far from the truth. Share this article with your family members who are affected by sleep apnea in order to maximize the effect its advice can have.