Simple And Effective Sleep Apnea Tips And Ideas

TIP! Try getting rid of bad habits to better your sleep apnea. Smoking and drinking can inflame your airways and make them swell.

You shouldn’t put off dealing with your situation if sleep apnea interferes with your nightly sleep cycle. It isn’t healthy when you don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Please use the following advice to improve your sleep, in spite of having all the symptoms of sleep apnea.

TIP! It is important to stay away from alcohol if you have sleep apnea because it can help you see some improvement with the condition. Both habits impact your respiratory system, complicating sleep apnea and snoring.

If your sleep apnea is the result of narrow airways, try using a mouth guard when you sleep. These guards look similar to what athletes use, but are specifically made to change the position of the tongue, jaw and palate while you sleep and keep your airway open. Get fitted for a mouth guard by your doctor if need be.

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TIP! Learning how to play a wind instrument is something which can help ease the symptoms of your sleep apnea. Research in Germany has shown that playing an instrument called the didgeridoo can train the muscles in your upper airways and strengthen them.

You may be able to improve or eliminate your symptoms by quitting smoking and/or drinking. Both of these cause muscles in your airway to relax, which can increase snoring and worsen sleep apnea. While quitting these habits may not stop your sleep apnea episodes entirely, you will be healthier overall and save money at the same time.

TIP! Even children can suffer from sleep apnea. If you find your child is innatentive, always tired or uses their mouth to breath and not their nose, they may suffer from this condition.

Get a personally made mouth guard just for you. These special guards are designed to help people who suffer with sleep apnea. This is something that works well instead of using a CPAP, and it’s more comfortable. The device assists you by keeping your airways open while offering stability for soft tissue.

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TIP! You need a regular sleep schedule if you suffer from sleep apnea. Having this condition already is a problem for your nightly sleep cycle.

Don’t underestimate the potential health consequences of sleep apnea. If you suspect that you or a loved one has it, it’s important to make an appointment with a physician to talk to them about it soon. In the process of fully diagnosing your condition, you may be able to consult with a sleep specialist. Home sleep tests with portable monitors are also often used to pinpoint sleep apnea.

TIP! Get treatment for your allergies or sinus problems if you have sleep apnea. Having sleep apnea means you already struggle to breathe during the night.

Sleep apnea sufferers should treat their allergies promptly. Having sleep apnea means you already struggle to breathe during the night. The last thing you need is something else interfering with your airways while sleeping. Maintaining free nasal passages will ensure greater odds of sleeping getting a great night’s sleep.

TIP! If the solutions you have tried are not improving your ability to sleep soundly, then see your doctor to discuss more aggressive options. Standard treatment vectors of sleep apnea do not work for certain individuals, and they wind up going in for surgical options.

An excellent way to help lessen the effects of sleep apnea is by losing weight. There are a number of people who only need to lose a few pounds to entirely stop their sleep apnea episodes. Losing even just five pounds can make your sleep apnea symptoms go away.

TIP! If you are suffering from sleep apnea and have a cold or allergies, try using a nasal spray. It may offer a couple nights of relief.

Shedding weight oftentimes is a big help to anyone who is dealing with sleep apnea. The condition is common in overweight patients that have larger neck circumferences. Losing weight can significantly reduce the pressure on your airway and improve the flow of air as you breathe at night.

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TIP! Avoid excessive drinking if you are a sleep apnea sufferer. Drinking can overly relax throat muscles, causing blocked airways and snoring.

Although you should visit your doctor to become diagnosed, you can still figure out if you have sleep apnea on your own. Dropping weight or dropping cigarettes are good ideas; more so for victims of sleep apnea. You should stay away from alcohol, anything caffeinated and even heavier meals within the hours leading up to bed time.

TIP! A CPAP machine can assist you in sleeping if you do have sleep apnea. A humidifier will help keep the air moist for better breathing and to avoid chafing from the mask.

Don’t sleep on your back at all if you have sleep apnea. Most sleep apnea patients spend the night on their backs and that can interfere with the airways. Use cushions or pillows to keep yourself lying on your side at night.

TIP! Sleep on your side as opposed to your back after you find out suffer from sleep apnea. When you are a back sleeper, you will block your airways and your sleep apnea will flair up.

You can cut down on the sleep apnea symptoms you experience by making your throat muscles stronger. Relaxed or excessive tissue can obstruct air passages and make breathing difficult. When the muscles have strengthened, collapsing is less likely to occur, thus keeping your airways free.

TIP! Sleep apnea can make you chronically tired, which is bad for you throughout the day. Try to keep your sleep on a certain schedule to reduce this.

Curb drinking heavily if you have sleep apnea. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the throat and causes your airway to become constricted. Quit drinking, or have only one drink a few hours before bed. Doing so will minimize the chance that alcohol will interfere with your sleep.

TIP! Do not drink any alcoholic type beverages when living with sleep apnea. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your throat making sleep apnea’s symptoms more severe.

You can’t compromise when it comes to sleep; your body needs it. By following the tips presented here, you may be able to enjoy a better night’s rest this very night.