How to relax and fall asleep

There are many ways to relax and fall asleep. All of us have those occasional nights when we just can’t go to sleep.

Most people, who have problems going to sleep, have just developed bad sleep habits. To break this problem, you need to have a regular time to go to bed every night, even on weekends. And wake up at the same time, (about 8 hours later), even if at first you need to use an alarm clock. When you have a good established sleep period, you will find that you start yawning at bedtime and will start waking up without an alarm.

When you are going to bed, make sure all the lights in your room are off and try not to fall asleep with the television on. Sometimes, especially for people who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, you might find a “white noise” machine helpful in falling asleep. When I worked nights for 3 years, I slept with the sound of a waterfall for those years – and I still need it 15 years later.

Try to get your mind to stop thinking about work or any other problems when trying to go to sleep. A good exercise is visualizing your computer, and typing all the problems that are worrying you, into the computer. Then hit save and turn your computer off. Now, walk out of your office, turn the light off and close the door. I know that this sounds stupid, but it works – you will have taken care of those problems for the night.

Other good ideas to help you fall asleep are, soaking in a warm bath, drinking warm milk, and eating a light snack high in fiber such as some wheat crackers. Also some soft music on in your bedroom can also help your sleep. Your bedroom should be the one room in the house that is yours and has the things in it that make you comfortable.

There are even some herbal and over-the-counter sleep aids that can also help. But if you have tried all of this and after 2 or more weeks, are still having problems with falling asleep, you have probably developed a case of insomnia and should visit with your doctor to make sure the insomnia is not the symptom of some other medical condition.

These are just a few ways to help relax and fall asleep but if you have continued problems, your doctor will be able to help you get your sleep pattern and cycle reset.