How does lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep can have many effects on women, men and children. But there are also many new sleep aids out to help people with occasional lack of sleep. And if worse comes to worse, your doctor can also prescribe a pill to help you sleep.

Getting a good night sleep is very important to your overall health, but insomnia can also be a symptom of an already existing medical problem. So if your sleeping problems continue for over two weeks or if they seem to be getting worse, you really should see your family doctor or a sleep specialist.

Sleep plays a vital role in promoting a woman’s health and well being. Experts suggest that most men and women need about seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Yet there are many differences in how men and women sleep. In general women tend to sleep more than men, going to bed and falling asleep earlier. A woman’s sleep also tends to be lighter and more easily disturbed. Women are more likely to feel unrefreshed even after a full night of sleep.

Important hormone production is regulated during sleep; in children, human growth hormone (HGH) is released during deep sleep. Insufficient sleep can affect hormonal balance in adults as well. Getting enough deep sleep is important and they do know that people can go longer without food than without sleep. During sleep the subject’s sleep metabolic rate and energy consumption are reduced. The cardiovascular system also slows down during sleep as blood pressure drops as well. Basically, your body just shuts down to repair the damage done to it during the day.

Lack of sleep in children can show up with dropping grades in school, falling asleep in classes, and mood swings.

Lack of sleep in women shows up as trouble concentrating, mood swings, and other mental and physical problems. Causes for insomnia in women can be lifestyle changes, depression, illness, bad sleep habits, medication use, physical or hormonal changes

Lack of sleep in men is mostly caused by irregular sleeping schedules. The stress of a job and supporting a family can keep a man up or not sleeping well. Symptoms are falling asleep in meetings, not shaving or showering, trouble concentrating and clinical depression.

There are many ways to help get back to your regular sleep pattern. The newest device to help with sleep is, Hivox DM-800 Dreamate Wristband Biofeedback Device called Dreamate™ and is a biofeedback device designed to help you sleep better without medication and side effects.

It is a bracelet-size device which helps to improve the quality of your sleep by massaging key acupressure points on the inner left wrist. The massage helps to re-tune the biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep. Many users naturally gain up to 55 minutes of restful sleep per night using this new device

Lack of sleep can cause so many problems that it can’t be stressed enough. If you have chronic insomnia lasting for more than two weeks, it is time to see your family doctor.