How do u get insomnia

How does a person get insomnia? For most people it is just bad sleep habits.

A person who works night shift and then doesn’t have a regular sleep period during the day, can develop insomnia.

Watching TV in your bedroom or having a computer or your office, in your bedroom and you don’t keep a regular sleep period because of these toys, can cause insomnia.

Insomnia can also be caused by stress either at work or at home, clinical depression, uninviting sleeping area, too much light in the room, eating a heavy meal right before bedtime, drinking alcohol, drugs, muscle tension, too much caffeine, lumpy bed, pregnancy or any number of reasons. Insomnia can also be the symptom of a more serious medical problem. That is why most literature on this subject, recommends that if you suffer from insomnia for two or more weeks, you should see your family physician to see if some other medical problem isn’t going on.

Women with children often don’t sleep well – at least I noticed that when my children were young. I seemed to always be half awake with one ear open in case there was something wrong with one of my children. I would notice that when my mother would visit and I knew someone else was watching the kids, I could not get enough sleep. Sometimes I would miss my mother’s whole visit because I was sleeping. The same thing would happen when we would go to visit her – I slept through the whole visit because Grandma was watching the kids.

So, there are a million reasons on what causes insomnia – some are easily overcome and some are more serious. Lack of sleep can affect your whole body and cause all types of medical problems. I worked nights for 4 years and I have since developed medical problems that can be traced back to the fact that my sleep cycle has never reset itself.

Most studies show that a person gets insomnia mostly by having poor sleep habits. It is for this reason that children should be raised with a regular bedtime as this will help their sleeping pattern throughout a lifetime.